Because I smile, I advise, I connect with people, I establish links, I get excited. Because I do not only speak, I also listen. Because I know what I'm talking about. Because I make it worthwhile. Because more than 40 years ago I was born on top of a shoe store, that of my parents. Because I have been traveling to shoe fairs for more than 30 years, I interact with manufacturers, suppliers of raw materials, distributors, colleagues, modelers and shopkeepers.

They have changed the habits and the way to buy. When it costs so much, it's time for those of us who love what we do. We adapt and evolve; without giving up to maintain a commercial model so ingrained in our country, the one that gives form to our towns and cities.

The noise, caused by overinformation, and the fierce competition of a product that differs little in its function and its characteristics, opens infinite alternatives of purchase to the client. This makes a good seller a competitive advantage for the brand. The interaction and feedback between seller and buyer becomes more important. Get in the other's shoes. Be empathetic and know well the individual context of each of your clients. Help buy well to sell better.

That is why the brands for which I work know that it is vital to have an effective human communication vehicle with its customers. Because I bring benefit to your products. Because they know the importance of emotional, social and commercial intelligence. Because they want a Value Added Seller.